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Individual, Group and Couples Relationship coaching focused on:

  • Re-framing a painful past
  • Healing applied at the root of addictions, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more
  • Learning proven methods for ending the “victim mentality” and controlling the reactivity that’s harming all your relationships

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Dear Dr. Bonnie,

Your workshop, “Love Shouldn’t Hurt”, is powerful, profound and promising.  It has created an opening inside the core of my being that has started to heal. For the first time I don’t feel alone, either with myself or in a room full of people. I’m learning how to appreciate my authentic self full woman that I never really knew. Each day I feeling more joy and love from within while navigating the challenges that come with core work and changing old worn out patterns. I also accept myself without having to compromise who I am to fit in.

Through your workshop and my willingness to grow and heal I am making sound decisions, solid boundaries for self-respect, personal growth and safety that some how were never incorporated in my life until now. I am discovering how to spend my time, energy and money to support my healthy choices and desires while living my life from a place of worth.


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Bonnie is different than other counselors.

Her wonderful blend of formal professionalism, experience, and spiritual intuition is unique. She reads souls and serves each one uniquely, listening deeply and responding as the situation requires – firmly or compassionately, whichever serves personal growth best in that moment.

Bonnie values revelation over information, asking great questions leading to critical self-discovery. Past counselors, would rather give advice (which rarely sticks), rather than lead the patient to insight.  With Bonnie, I established healthy rhythms to replace destructive family-of-origin patterns. Together, we have discovered and healed debilitating emotional issues.

In marriage counseling, she is like a surgeon – letting us operate on our wounds until we get stuck, providing effective tools to heal ourselves, and by the end of the session, stitching us up. It is real-time ministry not just hypothetical theory. We came to Bonnie 10 years ago with a marriage on the rocks. Our lack of communication and inability to reach healthy agreements, resulted in a constant tension of unmet, unspoken expectations. Our marriage has been awesome since Bonnie taught us how to work out issues and commit to on-going growth.

Thank you, Bonnie, for all you have done, for all you do, and for all you continue to do for my and my family.

Much love,
C. C.
San Diego, CA

Live Your Life…Stop Enduring It

Have you been telling yourself it’s okay to just “survive” each day? When did you stop hoping to be more, do more and have more? How long have you been feeling that you just aren’t enough? When’s the last time you felt truly happy? Are you still blaming others for your unhappiness? Dr. Bonnie offers a fresh and honest approach to overcoming the Sadness, Anxiety and Depression (SAD) preventing you from living your fullest life.

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