It’s Almost Spring…What’s Growing in Your Thought Garden?

I grew up in a region with four distinct seasons. Each year winter eased in with the first snow bringing a fresh excitement and a stillness. By the time, February rolled around there was nothing but sooty slush and suffice it to say, for me, Spring could never come soon enough. What began as a welcome slowing down, a stillness and the peace of the winter season became a nearly unendurable prison that penetrated deep into my home, into my soul, reaching far beyond the thin pane of glass that separated me from the frozen world outside my window. Some days it seemed like winter would never end.
Inevitably, the temperatures would begin to climb and the snowy days gave way to rain and increasing sunshine. Every now and then, there’d be one last freak snowstorm even after the crocus and daffodils had dared to peek their bright shoots up from beneath the earth. I’ve always marveled at how the greenery and the flowers somehow always manage to pull through even when they surfaced before winter was entirely done.
Many times in life, it can feel like an eternal winter and you’ll never again feel the warmth of the spring sun on your face. Somehow, however, the sun always shines again. The human spirit, like an early spring flower, is truly amazing in its ability to rebound from adversity. This can be a long process or a shorter one, this coming out of winter.
One of the ways to accelerate the bloom of a more spring like feeling in your own life is to check closely on what’s budding in your thought garden. Maybe your mind really needs some fertilizer! What was that stuff called? Miracle Grow?
A trusted friend or, when you need it, a good counseling session can be like Miracle Grow for the mind. If you’ve been feeling down and defeated honey, changes are good. It’s time to do some weeding! Nobody likes weeding, I know. But we all love a beautiful, tidy, manicured garden, don’t we? Or even just a healthy one. English Gardens are my favorite. They are notoriously messy in an orderly sort of way, with Wildflowers intertwining…
Point is, don’t let your garden get choked by the weeds of negative thinking. It’s time to get pruning! The fruits and the flowers of your efforts will be yours to enjoy if you make the effort! I’m a great Thought Gardener! Give me a call. I can help.
 Dr. Bonnie Lyon.  (805) 286-8606