Yes – You’re Gonna Hear me ROAAAR!

May 2017

Get out of my way or I’ll step on your face! Such determination! This may sound harsh but this level of energy and focus is often  what propels winners to successfully cross the finish line. When you’re forging new ground especially when you are challenging opposition and nay-saying within your familial culture it may take extra octane to keep your dreams alive.

One of my favorite people, a beautiful young woman, personifies this. As in many families, education was a distant thought for those in her immediate family. Nevertheless, Claire’s desire to “be as good as everyone else” pushed her to begin believing that she too could aspire to graduate from college with a bonafide college degree.

“Difficult” and “hard” weren’t unfamiliar concepts for this bright, super-spunky power force of a girl! With sheer determination, this Spring Claire is not only crossing the finish line of higher education, but doing so while raising three children and continuing to be an encouraging support to her military husband.

With a clear vision of accomplishing her goal persistently in mind, the hard times, the difficult situations never deterred her or caused her to consider abandoning her goal. Excuses and everyday life circumstances certainly could have, however, with her eye securely fixed on the goal of graduation, she learned to put the difficulties into perspective and keep on going. One class after another. One hard decision after another, balancing time and money that could, if she diverted, temporarily, have fixed a situation in the short, but not long term. She held her course refusing to apply short term band aids.

How about you?

Are you settling for band aids because they are easier and more immediate then surgery and a set of sutures? Even when the band-aids won’t really do the job well? DO you really believe that temporary fixes are good enough? How many of you wait for the someday that never comes?

I have another friend who lived with annoying shoulder pain from a rotor cuff tear. She knew that surgery could give her long-term relief and greater strength than if she just kept ignoring it. Anyone who has ever had rotor cuff surgery knows, it’s a brutal 6-month recovery. Shoulder surgery is certainly one of those things that gets worse before it gets better. Today, she has full use of that shoulder, full motion and strength. Nothing to stop her busy life as a mom, wife and marine biologist.

If you are struggling with a big obstacle while trying to achieve a goal, or even an assortment of smaller challenges, perhaps you should give the long-term goal more importance?  Even if you have to step on someone’s face by making unpopular difficult decisions, isn’t it worth it to finally get to work actualizing you goals and those long term benefits?

Think about it. In 5 years are you going to be? Glad you did or, still wishing you had?

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