June, 2016 – The Power of Words
By Dr. Bonnie Lyon

The Power of Your Words: Are your words making you sick?

It’s easy to underestimate the impact your choice of words has every day of your life. Words carry tremendous power including the power to impact your both your physical and emotional health. Your words can be a constructive, positive power or negative, destructive power.  Many people are not even aware how your word choice can affect your sense of well-being or lack thereof.  The words you use, every day, consciously or unconsciously, speak life or death to those who hear us and to own inner selves.  It’s important to be aware or learn to become aware of the words you use and the far-reaching influence of your tongue.

The words you use to communicate reflect your inner thoughts and attitudes.  To others, your words are like a movie screen of the mind that projects what and how you’ve been thinking. The words you use can significantly impact the level of stress and anxiety you experience in your life.  So, heed your words and take taking them more seriously.

When you actively listen to the things you say, it will reveal much about who you are. It’s time to take an inventory of the words that you have been using.  Are you predicting a positive or a negative future by the words that fall out of your mouth? If you find that many of your words are negative, it’s time for a change. Deliberate and thoughtful speaking with positivity in tone is what you’re aiming for. Change your words, can change your life.

As the saying goes, keep your words soft and sweet, you never know when you might have to eat them.  I am sure you have heard some version of this before. It’s absolutely true, isn’t it? You can literally increase your happiness and peace by paying attention to the choice of your words. You can also upset yourself by talking unnecessarily about problems or things that have hurt you in relationships. Far better to talk of solutions than to talk about problems.

After all, the words that come out of your own mouth go into our own ears as well as into other people’s ears. They linger in your mind and drop down into your soul giving you peace or upset depending on what you’ve spoken.  Negative words oppress your spirit and cause much anxiety and stress. Positive words and self-talk will buoy you and give you the hope and confidence to keep reaching.

After you understand the power of your words and realize you can choose both what you think and speak, your life can be transformed.  Your words are not forced on you. They are formulated in your thoughts and then you speak them.  You can learn to choose your thoughts, to resist toxic ones and linger on good healthy ones. They will take you where you want to be.  Where the mind goes, so the mouth follows. I’ll add, where the words lead the heart commits. That’s why you’ll be more successful meeting a goal if you’ve stated it aloud, to yourself or to a friend

Choose to become aware of the words you use and realize you feel the way you think.  We all create our own quality of life therefore we can drastically change that quality. Here are some tips:

  1. Become acutely aware
  2. Shift the focus
  3. Learn better life strategies and skill sets

The most important conversation that you have every day is the conversation that you have with yourself.

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