Summer is the time I give back to my community, offering FREE relationship classes! Go from being a woman that loves so much that it hurts, to a woman that loves herself enough to stop the pain.


In so many relationships it is easy to lose yourself, who you are and relinquish your voice despite how loud you yell!

If your relationships tend to run hot and cold, exhaust you by draining your emotional energy – resulting in sleepless nights and pain drenched days, you may be a perfect fit for one of our upcoming groups of hand selected women. If so, know that you are one of the strongest women in town! It takes unmitigated tenacity to go against the cultural norm which totes divorce as a solution. The problem (unless you are in a physically abusive relationship or are dealing with an addict) is not solved on the level of divorce. No matter where you go, there you are, thus, the journey begins with you.


Communication is to our relationships what blood is to our body – vital for survival! The quality of a relationship is based on the ability to communicate effectively. Communication involves much more than just words! Learn some tips and tricks with Dr. Bonnie Lyon this summer – no cost to you, only benefits.

June Sunday Afternoon Power Hours: The Communication Puzzle

Let’s put this puzzle together so that we can truly see what authentic, effective communication looks like. Discover the THREE frustrating causes that continually make you misinterpret what you hear.

Note the initial class will be held MONDAY JUNE 18th due to Father’s Day : Find the Missing Piece ~ Learning how that one missing piece scrambles the entire puzzle!

June 24: Putting It All Together ~ A whole picture says much more than the sum of its parts. Learn how to put any communication puzzle together despite its complexity. I don’t know if your marriage was made in heaven, but I know that the maintenance is done on earth!

July Sunday Afternoon Power Hours: Connection ~ the Greatest Human Need!

Miles do not cause emotional distance. Inversely, eliminating miles does not cause emotional closeness. Where misunderstanding exists, it’s not safe to be emotionally connected.  Even though you may sleep in the same bed year after year, feeling safe enough to be emotionally real creates closeness even if you are physically oceans apart.

July 1: What Does Connection Mean and Why Should I Care? ~ Discover three absolute necessities for human connections.

July 8: You Don’t Connect When You Are in Conflict ~ Learn how to drop the conflict and embrace the 3 absolute secrets that lead to meaningful connection.

July 15: The Deadly “S” Word ~ The “S” word keeps you stuck in old pain.  You learned it before words. Learn how to let your “S” go and drop old pain.

July 22: The Secret ~ There is no deep connection without emotional intimacy. Discover the effects of creating emotional intimacy in your relationships and fall in love all over again! If you want a warm, close marriage you must learn to keep your cool. Hold onto deepest desire for connection, going forward in vulnerability. There is power in keeping your cool, so …

  • Calm down
  • Grow up
  • Get closer