December, 2016 – Christmas Post: Santa’s Wish List for Grown-Ups

Kerri-Anne excitedly jumped off Santa’s lap and ran full speed to proudly show her mother the candy cane he’d given her. With her strawberry blonde curls bouncing wildly, she threw herself into her mother’s arms, breathlessly exclaiming, “Now it’s your turn, Mama, go tell Santa what you want for Christmas!”

“Adults don’t get to sit on Santa’s lap, that’s for little children, like you,” her mother replied. “Besides, if everyone went and sat on Santa’s lap he’d probably run out of candy canes!”

Kerri-Anne wilted at her mother’s words, then suddenly a little light bulb went off under all those curls and she said, “But, Mama, he’s Santa, when he runs out of candy canes, I bet he’ll find even a better gift for you!” Her mother gave her a squeeze, smiled and went right up to Santa, sat on the floor next to him and quickly improvised her own list. Kerri-Anne sat beaming as she watched on.

The little girl was right! Santa does indeed have gifts tucked in his bag for grown-ups too… Keep reading.

It was the first Christmas without Michael’s dad. New home, new school, new life. Very little was familiar. His parents had tried but too much “life” had come between them. Michael’s watched as his mom and aunt struggled to assemble a loft bed so he’d have a private space in the bedroom he now shared with his mother. As he observed them, it was hard for him not to feel cheated a bit.

He fought such feelings back because he knew that his mother was trying so hard, but before his parents separated he’d had a whole room of his very own filled with toys where everything was his and everything was exactly where he wanted it. Quietly, he went into the living room to play with his Legos while the two women continued to try to sort out complicated instructions.

After what seemed like hours had passed, Michael was distracted out of his play by the sound of his mother and aunt laughing hysterically. He jumped up and ran to see what was causing all the commotion. His mother hadn’t been laughing much lately and it was so lovely to hear her mood lightening. When he stepped into the bedroom and looked up and immediately saw what had happened and he too began to laugh.

When the construction was done and the ladies had put the mattress into the elevated frame, there was but a foot and a half clearance to the ceiling! His mom was sure they’d have to cut the frame legs down to lower the bed but when Michael climbed up into it, it was as if he’d entered a magical world of his own! His imagination took flight. “I’m a pilot over Europe in WWII, I can see everything down on the ground,” he said, then issued a battery of airplane noises.

“Merry Christmas sweetheart,” said his mother, through her tears of joy, knowing that right then was the moment they’d all remember looking back at this year from future Christmases. Not the gifts she’d planned, not the missing father but this single moment.

These moments of Joy, of Peace of Surrendering to the Season, are the things Santa put on his list for grown-ups, on his list for YOU. So, go ahead;

“Ring the bells that still can ring forget your perfect offering, there’s a crack in everything, that is where the light gets in.” as Christ’s birth was in a stable and not a 5-star hotel we are encouraged to accept the gifts of the season in all their imperfections.

As I always say, “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!”

Merry Christmas to you all! I have a gift for you too. My gift is my web-site. Come on over to for a few more Christmas treats! I’ll see you there.