December, 2015 – Beautiful Morning
By Dr. Bonnie Lyon

Oh What a Beautiful Day???

You awake to discover 6-inches of new fallen snow blanketing the landscape as far as your eyes could see.  What a transformation!  The usual hardscapes, sidewalks, asphalt streets have all been transformed into a pristine winter wonderland!

Schools have been delayed for two hours. The kids are gleeful; the parents are approaching panic.

The kids exclaim, “Yea, it snowed!  Let’s go play!  Where are my boots?  Find my gloves!  Come on let’s go make snow angels, throw some snowballs and build a snowman!”

The parents groan, “Oh no, it snowed! It’s cold and I just want to go back to sleep. I’ll lose a day of work. The kids are home, my back hurts…I’ll be late for my doctor’s appointment!”

Flexibility is the key to adaptability and capturing the moment.  Embracing “what is” rather than complaining “what should be” can uplift and expand the happiness and joy equation of your life. Most children are naturally flexible. How is it so typical that we lose this precious capacity as we age?

What is it didn’t? What if we greeted each day with the attitude of surprise and wonder as children do long into the later decades of our lives! What would it take to give it a try? What would it harm? Likely, you’ve got nothing to lose.

So, the next time it snows, you get a delay or a curveball comes your way; look for the wonder and the surprise. Find your gloves, pull on your boots and make a snow angel. Reclaim the power of your inner child, if only for a day!

Call me if you need some creative motivation. I can help. Then, go out and make it a beautiful day!