July, 2016 – Negative Thinking Addiction
By Dr. Bonnie Lyon

Negative Thinking Addiction?

I don’t know you or the circumstances you’ve survived, but I can surmise that if your outlook has soured there’s a good chance your challenging history has influenced this behavioral change. It’s time to deal with it.
Most people when initially asked, report that they are “positive thinking” about their approach to life. However, upon deeper inquiry and honest self-evaluation, many realize they’ve become anesthetized by the culture and normalized negative thinking as their common daily approach. They’re negative in both their self-talk and their communication with others.

People are often astonished to learn how profoundly the way they think affects their life: their health, relationships, and bottom-line! You feel the way you think only 100% of the time. Take an inventory, right now. How do you feel? Now check –what have you been thinking? If you don’t feel good, positive, energetic and at peace, investigate your thoughts and take control of your life by shifting the focus of your thoughts to want rather than what you don’t want!

The more you focus on what you don’t want and what you don’t like in yourself and others, the worse you feel. This very focus creates a negative mindset and leading to discouragement and frustration. If you want more of the same old problems, continue to focus on your problems and all the pain in your life. If you want to feel better, you can decide to change right now by actively becoming aware of how powerful and wonderful your mind is. You can decide to start using it to get going on a path to greater health and happiness.

Try it right now, if you can—muster the courage to let go of your negative thinking which is just another word for FEAR? Do you have enough guts to transform your doom and gloom thinking into boundless hope and unmitigated faith? Few outcomes in life are as gratifying as when a negative person gains the courage to let go of fear and begin to live! It all starts with a decision. Be the person making that decision right now.

I hope you are that person, right now.