Women need women to process life with, to talk it out—rather than to gossip. To find solutions rather than marinate in the same old problems year after year. We are forming small groups (6 – 8 women) to learn with, grow with and live Life on Life with.

Classes are now forming!

LIFE ON LIFE:  Starts Saturday October 7, 2017

Classes meet for 7 weeks, 2 hours each, at the same time and place each week.

In so many relationships it is easy to lose yourself, who you are and relinquish your voice despite how loud you yell!

If your relationships tend to run hot and cold, exhaust you by draining your emotional energy – resulting in sleepless nights and pain drenched days, you may be a perfect fit for one of our upcoming groups of hand selected women. If so, know that you are one of the strongest women in town! It takes unmitigated tenacity to go against the cultural norm which totes divorce as a solution. The problem (unless you are in a physically abusive relationship or are dealing with an addict) is not solved on the level of divorce. No matter where you go, there you are, thus, the journey begins with you.

Multiple class opportunities are now forming, beginning the 2nd week of June. Classes meet for 7 weeks, 2 hours each, at the same time and place each week. Call for the current class schedule.

Investment per class $60.00


I am passionate about helping, connecting and educating women so that they can prosper and live up to their God given potential.

This class is especially designed for you if you:

» Have relationship, family, or spouse conflicts

» Experience relational anxiety

» Feel you must hide, keep secrets, or lie, or feel you are not enough

» Have communication difficulties

» Have experienced traumas or abuses that seem insurmountable

» Find it uncomfortable or feel unable to forgive yourself or others

» Are frequently judgmental of others or yourself

» Feel empty or a lack peace in your life and relationships

» Have an addiction or a loved one who has an addiction

No one should feel alone in this journey. Call me and let’s meet before the class begins!