Through the Tunnel:

Unlock the Pain of Your Past and Find the Courage to Grow Up, Not Just Old

by Dr. Bonnie Lyon

Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Love should heal not hurt!

by Vikki Hansen LCSW & Shawn Goodman
by Dr. Bonnie Lyon


Lectures presented in front of live audiences.
Fun filled, knowledge based. Release your inner critic and harsh judge, and laugh as you learn …

Life Enhancement Lecture Series

with Dr. Bonnie Lyon

Downloads can be purchased individually or in a series, The Life Enhancement Lecture Series.
Each Lecture is $9.00 | Life Enhancement Lecture Series (Set of all 6 Lectures, plus FREE bonus download): $29.95

FULL SET: Life Enhancement Lecture Series

All six lectures, PLUS free bonus download: Chill Out with Dr. Bonnie Lyon

Purchase for $29.99

Individual lecture titles and topics available for purchase:

1. Conquer Stress & Anxiety

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Learn to be a stress reliever rather than a stress-or.  Learn how your response either enhances stress or relieves stress. Stress and anxiety effects your life – physically, emotionally, relationally and professionally. Laughter is good medicine.  You will feel better after hearing this live lecture.

2. Dump Your Depression

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Depression hurts!  It colors the way you see your life.
Learn the 4 levels of depression.
Women suffer from depression four times as much as men do.
Dumping your depression frees your body’s ability to feel better and see things clearly.

3. End Panic and Anxiety

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Your perceived fears are at the roots of these attacks.
Learn the 6 steps to end panic and anxiety attacks.
You don’t need to be a victim of your own thinking.

4. Get Off the Guilt and Worry Roller-coaster

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Guilt keeps you trapped in the past.
Worry predicts gloom for the future.
Learn how to be in the present and stop the whip lash of guilt and worry.
Become emotionally stable for the ride of your life!

5. Stand Up for Yourself – Learning Assertive Behavior

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Is it hard to ask for what you want?  Hinting doesn’t work!
Learn to speak up and speak clearly, with confidence while revealing yourself.
Ask for what you want and say what you need.

6. Self Talk – The Key to Self-Esteem

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Every single thought has a chemistry.
You feel the way you think only 100% of the time.
The roots of your feelings sprout from your thinking.
Change your thoughts and change your life.

7. Chill Out, with Dr. Bonnie Lyon

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A gentle progressive relaxation journey.
Take time at the end of the day to Chill Out and re-center yourself and restore your health.


Love Shouldn’t Hurt Lecture Series

with Dr. Bonnie Lyon

Live seminar with audience participants
4 Sessions for $19.95


Are you exhausted, over whelmed, resentful, angry and running on fumes of feeling unappreciated?
If so, this live seminar may really help you to take back control of your life.

You will learn:
How to go from an over-giver to a self care-er,
Find people who will love you just the way you are.
7 ways to get the love you’ve always dreamed of.
Stop waiting to enjoy your life!