Relationship & Depression Counseling

Don't Give Up. There is Hope.

Life is all about relationships

You have a relationship with many people: Yourself, your significant other, your children, your parents, your family, even your thoughts and your faith.

Relationship with Yourself

Learn to take care of yourself so other people don’t have to.

Unless you have a healthy relationship with yourself you cannot possibly have a healthy relationship with anyone else. You cannot give what you do not have. If you have addicted behaviors, or are living a lie, if you feel you never measure up and are emotionally exhausted, live in relational pain, use substances to cope with your life or numb out your pain etc., you are running from yourself and therefore are not capable of creating a healthy relationship with anyone else.

Relationships with Your Spouse

Marriage is the most arduous work you’ll ever do which produces the most significant benefits.

Marriage is a mirror that reflects your relationship attitudes and behaviors. We know how to get married and how to get divorced, however, we do not know how to stay married when the marriage is difficult and does not live up to our expectations.

Relationships with Your Children

The most precious gift with the greatest responsibility.

You cannot parent beyond your own woundedness. Parenting is not all about the children rather it is about the parents. You only have 216 months, 4,380 days, 105,120 hours, 6,307,200 minutes to significantly affect your child’s life. They learn how to be by looking at you. How are you measuring up?

Depression kills!

75% of all deaths in America are life-style related diseases!

What percentage of mental illness is directly influenced by the same factors?

The relationship between life-style and mood disorders is only beginning to be researched.

Today the second leading cause of death in college students is suicide. There are over 5,000 teenagers committing suicide each year in the U.S. that are reported, how many go unreported?

The state of your mental health is CRITICAL to your well being.

What are you stressed out over? What is it doing to you?

  1. Shooting your cortisol levels through the roof?
  2. People who have excessive cravings for carbohydrates, which is typical of people with hypoglycemia, show a remarkable increase in clinical depression.
  3. Family stability. Is it a thing of the past?

Call Dr. Bonnie and let her help you out of the pain of your depression. Gain hope and help call today.