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Through the Tunnel:

Unlock the Pain of Your Past and Find the Courage to Grow Up, Not Just Old

by Dr. Bonnie Lyon

Through the Tunnel Cover - for Web useYou don’t need to keep suffering from deep-seated pain. Instead, you can start feeling protected, safe and deeply heard today. Dr. Bonnie Lyon will show you how.

In Through the Tunnel: Unlock the Pain of Your Past and Find the Courage to Grow Up, Not Just Old, Dr. Bonnie will guide you toward overcoming old traumas and finally healing your emotional pain.

You will learn:
•The wisdom, solutions, and tools you need to start embracing life and finding the light through the dark.
•How to increase the volume of your own voice as you drown out negative influences.
•Essential truths that will lead to emotional healing.
•How to join a new sisterhood filled with strong, resilient women who have overcome their own pain.

“Change and emotional healing only become possible when we acknowledge our pain and own it, have the courage and determination to get to the root of it, and stop going through the tunnel alone,” says Dr. Bonnie.

There’s no reason to keep suffering from old emotions if you don’t want to. Hope and healing are achieveable regardless of your life circumstances. Through the Tunnel allows everyone to benefit from Dr. Bonnie’s methods and paths to emotional healing.

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Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Love should heal not hurt!

by Vikki Hansen LCSW & Shawn Goodman
by Dr. Bonnie Lyon

Are you exhausted, over whelmed, resentful, angry and running on fumes of feeling unappreciated? If so, this book will help you to take back control of your life.

You will learn
– How to go from an over-giver to a self care-er
– To find people who will love you just the way you are.
– 7 ways to get the love you’ve always dreamed of

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