A Tisket. A Tasket! Time to fill your basket with fresh HOPE.

The ice is off the lake, so to speak. The first blades of new grass are pushing up. The song birds are returning. There’s no denying it’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Time to fill your spring baskets full of fresh hope.

What is Hope?

Hope is fuel for healing. No matter how hard your situation may be, hope gives you the ability to peel yourself off the mattress every morning and press on. Hope is a positive expectation that something good is going to happen in your life. Hope is looking toward your future, rather than dwelling on your past. Hope is what unlocks the prison of the mind. Hope is active. It is looking forward for something good to happen and following that belief with proactive action to make sure it will.

Hope and Healing

Hope can unlock pain. It it is not based on what you feel but on what you decide to believe.
What you decide to say, what you focus on etc. It is quite possible to be feeling rather lousy then
literally talk yourself into a better mood. Your thoughts, your attitudes, your conversations support or undermine your state of mind.

Today, I’m asking you to make a mental shift. Instead of being fearful and skeptical, why not try expecting something good to happen today, to you, and through you.

Hope is about your thoughts and your attitudes, how you decide to look at life or to anything that has happened to you in your life.

I challenge you to become a defender and champion of hope. Believers trust that God, that the Universe will restore doubly to you, everything that you have ever lost if you but remain true in your hope.
No matter what your circumstance, God is always greater than circumstance.

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