Yes. You Can Go Home Again!

After much “California Dreaming” from the distant throws of New Mexico, Dr. Bonnie Lyon is back by popular demand! New Year, new directions and all roads lead me home, full circle right back to my loving Central Coast base. I am pleased and excited to let you know...

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Santa’s Wish List for Grown-Ups

December, 2016 - Christmas Post: Santa’s Wish List for Grown-Ups Kerri-Anne excitedly jumped off Santa’s lap and ran full speed to proudly show her mother the candy cane he’d given her. With her strawberry blonde curls bouncing wildly, she threw herself into her...

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Thanksgiving: Skip the Turkey This Year

November, 2016 - Serve Up a Warm Helping of Gratitude  Instead of being thankful "for" this Thanksgiving holiday, I challenge you to discover what you can be thankful "in." To do so, consider these two words and their corresponding meanings. The first is the word...

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