FREE  – December 2017 Schedule WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 6:30 TO 7:30 1227 PARK STREET SUITE B, PASO ROBLES (Bonnie’s Office) RESERVE SPOT NOW! Free, fast paced, fun filled and knowledge based! Download PDF December 6, 2017 Relax it’s Christmas! How in the world can you... read more

LOVE SHOULDN’T HURT – Fall 2017 Classes Forming Now

What people are saying… Powerful, Profound and Promising… Dear Dr. Bonnie, Your workshop, “Love Shouldn’t Hurt”, is powerful, profound and promising.  It has created an opening inside the core of my being that has started to heal. For the first time... read more

Unreachable Goals? No Such Thing

Yes – You’re Gonna Hear me ROAAAR! May 2017 Get out of my way or I’ll step on your face! Such determination! This may sound harsh but this level of energy and focus is often  what propels winners to successfully cross the finish line. When you’re... read more

A Basket of Fresh Hope

  A Tisket. A Tasket! Time to fill your basket with fresh HOPE. The ice is off the lake, so to speak. The first blades of new grass are pushing up. The song birds are returning. There’s no denying it’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Time to fill your... read more

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